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For the Parents

Cooperation between parents and teachers will help provide positive educational experiences. When students perceive a spirit of mutual support and cooperation between parents and teachers, they will display a more eager attitude toward learning and achievement.

School Supply List

Click on the link below to find the 2021-2022 school supply and wish list.

School Attendance

Students should not arrive earlier than 15 minutes before school begins and should leave no later than 15 minutes after school is dismissed. 

The school hours are:

Monday-Thursday 8:00- 3:00

Friday 8:00-2:00

An important aspect of Christian education is to teach our children responsibility by consistent attendance and being on time. 

1. Three tardies make up an absence. 

2. A written, signed note from the parent or doctor must be supplied to the teacher on the first day a student returns to school following an absence. 

3. Excused Absences are defined by Mississippi as: authorized school activities, illness or injury, death or serious illness of immediate family, religious events or observances, medical or dental appointments, educational travel–can include family travel, court proceedings where the child is a party


Boys, Grade 1-8 
∙    Navy blue or khaki slacks. No cargo style pockets.
∙    Navy blue or khaki shorts.
∙    Any color polo shirt with a collar.
∙    Dress/tennis shoes. No flip flops or open-toed shoes.

Girls, Grade 1-8 
∙    Navy blue or khaki skirts and skorts
∙    Navy blue or khaki shorts/slacks. No cargo style pockets         or leggings.
∙    Any color polo shirts with a collar.
∙    Dress/Tennis shoes.  No heels, flip flops, or open toed             shoes.


Holiday Snacks


Holiday Schedule


September 6                         

Labor Day


November 22-26                 

Thanksgiving Break

December 20- January 2       

Christmas Break

January 17                             

MLK Jr. Day


February 21                           

Presidents' Day


March 14-18                         

Spring Break

Eating Watermelon

School Menu

A student's diet has a direct impact on their ability to perform well in school. Choose foods with good nutrition that are as close to their natural state as possible. Lunches are not to contain unclean meats (as defined in Leviticus 11) or caffeinated beverages. Meals are available from the Bass Memorial Academy Cafeteria during their school term. These need to be paid for in advance. Meals are $3.50 each.

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